Fees & Costs

Special Limited Internet Offer" - Trust Package $3495

Fees to initiate the Trust Package and Register an Aircraft

NOTE:  The FAA will not accept an LLC formed in any state to register an aircraft for a NON US Citizens.

Whats Included

Initial costs to set up a new Delaware Corporation and Delaware Statutory Trust including the Trust Agreement with Professional Director Agreement are $3495.00 and include:
  • Preparation and Filing of "C" Corporation and Statuatory Trust
  • Fee for Professional Director and Preparation of Agreement (initial year)
  • Fee for Trustee and Preparation of Trust Agreement
  • Sign and File Application with FAA
  • Prepare FAA Bill of Sale

Recurring Annual Fees

The annual fees in providing Corporation and Trust Management which include the fee for a Professional Director and Trustee when renewed are:
  • $1800 Trust Agreement
  • $1800 Professional Director Agreement

Other fees to maintain the Corporation and the Trust are payable in January on a calendar basis are:

$   90.00           Registered agent fees

$ 225 .00         Delaware State Franchise tax

$   35 .00          Preparation and filing of above

$ 450.00          Filing and signing of federal tax returns with the IRS

N/C                     Proof of Insurance naming us as the Trustee

NOTE:  Our base package price includes a standard legal review of up to two (2) hours to verify the submitted documents meet our corporate and due diligence AML/KYC requirements. If the actual transaction involves more legal time, such as reviewing loans, guarantees, due diligence submissions, collateral agreements, vetting multiple owners, supplementary agreements, changes to the Professional Directors Agreement insurance issues, or related items to the core transaction, we reserve the right to charge the client for the required additional attorney, paralegal, administrative, and out of pocket direct costs (such as overnight carrier or filing fees) at the standard rates we are billed from the provider. Such charges are to be paid prior to any final papers being issued from our company to the Parties.

Getting Started

You must provide us with the following documentation:
  • Proof of Insurance naming us and holding us harmless for any debt or injury pertaining to the aircraft
  • Notarized color copy of Passport and Drivers License for all directors and officers of the Delaware entity
  • Letter of Recommendation notarized by a licensed attorney or accountant that can attest and state that they know you and believe you to be a reputable person.
  • Proof that the aircraft is free of debt or if mortgaged a letter from the bank indicating our involvement with the aircraft.
  • Notarized Bill of Sale from present owner to new Delaware corporation